Local Statistics from Data Layers

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Source data

Statistics are calculated locally around locations input in three columns: numerical ID, X and Y coordinate. Each case must be in a separate row, column separator can be either space, tab or semicolon, decimal separator can be either point or comma. Lines beginning with a character are excluded. Random sample of pixels is used if the number of pixels in kernel, adjusted by the number of locations to calculate, exceeds the critical value to ensure results before the request timeout.

Licenced data layers are visible for participats in LOOM.02.013 or LOOM.02.035 (log in from the page head). Each logged in user can store up to 20 raster layers in server for calculating local statistics.

Exercises: 3979, 3938, 3947, 3984, 3987, 3992.

Layer Nominal Res [m]
Focus extent
Radii: internal external
Only value at the given location is retrieved if the external r = 0.



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