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7.03.2016 10:38:52 Roger Whiteway I love this - thank you. I have a poor background in statistics, and I have been looking for a way to cluster similar place names within the UK. These clusters may be significant if they relate to early invasions of the UK by (for example) the Danes and the Norwegians. Your SDC (Spatial clusters from ID, X, Y data) does exactly what I want - it takes my data and gives me results that I can find useful, without all the background on how spatial analysis is done. For me, this is excellent. Many thanks, Roger Whiteway PS: If you have any comments about how appropriate or otherwise this sort of use might be, I shall be interested to hear. Thank you, Roger! I would gladly add a reference or link to your research, when it is published, to the introduction of the calculator. Kalle Remm