Locally Calculated Statistics in Constud

and also in the on-line calculator

IDNameNominal layerNominal value
0Local valuetruetrue
1Share of a given classtruefalse
3Shannon diversity of classestruefalse
4Lloyd equabilitytruefalse
5Index of dominancetruefalse
6Number of different classestruefalse
7Relative class adjacencytruefalse
8Direction of patchestruefalse
9Class proximitytruefalse
10Share of pairs of pixels from different classestruefalse
11Distance weighted modetruetrue
12Min distance to the class boundary in pixelstruefalse
13Min distance to a given class boundary in pixelstruefalse
14Distance weighted frequencytruefalse
15Second modetruetrue
16Third modetruetrue
17Min distance to a given class boundarytruefalse
18Min distance to the class boundarytruefalse
100Local valuefalsefalse
101Proportion of values larger than meanfalsefalse
103Standard deviationfalsefalse
105Moran I from 8 neighboursfalsefalse
106Distance weighted Moran Ifalsefalse
107Mean difference of neighboursfalsefalse
108Quotient of variationfalsefalse
109Gradient directionfalsefalse
110Difference between centre and boundaryfalsefalse
114Smoothness of changefalsefalse
115Difference from meanfalsefalse
116Gradient intensity (slope)falsefalse
117Distance weighted meanfalsefalse