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Exercise 4148. Points 2, theme: Point Pattern

Open exercise
The attached file contains L-Est coordinates of a set of Estonian meteorological stations. These should form more or less regular or random pattern to represent Estonian territory.
  1. In which regions is the clustering of stations within 25 km statistically significant (p<0,05)?
  2. Which region is largest not represented area in these data?
Add the map or maps you used to draw the conclusions.
Data: Met-stations.txt


  • Copy the attached data to the input cell of Local clustering.
  • Set the parameters as indicated in the attached figure. That is: One type points, Calculate at grid nodes interval 5000 within Estonia, Search radius 25000, 1000 random iterations, α = 0,05.Press
    L-Est min/max for Estonia to get area boundary coordinates.
  • Select map for WMS background.
  • Press Calculate.
  • Investigate the calcualted map below the input panel.
  • Read the text in the SDC: "The aggregation and significance is not calculated if local kernel contains only a single object."
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