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Exercise 4147. Points 2, theme: Relation Between Point Patterns

Open exercise
The attached file contains location of hypotetical hares (Lepus) and wolves (Canis) on three different days.
  1. On which day is the mean distance from a hare to the closest wulf minimal?
  2. How large is it?
  3. How large is the minimum distance from the sixth hare to the closest wulf?
  4. On which day this was?
Data: Jänesed ja hundid.xlsx


The Nearest Neighbour Distance function in the SDC enables to find the nearest neigbours in groups.
  • The grouping variable in this excercise is the date. The same ID codes of objects repeate on different dates.
  • See figure for settings. You can set the interval and number of intervals to whatever and random iterations to 0 as distribution of the NND is not investigated this time.
  • Notice that the mean distance from a wolf to the closest hare is not equal to the mean distance from a hare to the closest wolf.
Precision at full metre level is enough.
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