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Exercise 4142. Points 3, theme: Directions

Open exercise
Sara was speaking with mobile phone, while she was walking in a park. There were attractive places such as entertainment zones, a lake, a restaurant and sitting places in the park that you can see in the attached image. She walks 15 meters towards East. Then she turns and starts walking to North-East for 25 meters. Then she walks to south-east for another 12 meters. Then to north 5 meters. He then turns to her left(west) where she walks for 45 meters.
  1. Based on her walking directions, which destination Sara finally reached to?
  2. How probable is that such or larger shift of her walking is a result of random walk?
  3. Can we deduce at p<0.05 level that Sara¤s movement was purposeful?


Using the online calculator.
• Select Cases have weights, Set declination to zero
• Find the directions in degrees and input the given degrees in the first column and distances to the second.
• For storing the results use Save or Copy.
• Find Statistics of weighted directions from the results.
• The total shift is expressed as Total move distance. The mean and total directions are identical.

The excercise is compiled by Najmeh Mozaffaree Pour.
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