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Exercise 4056. Points 3, theme: Correlation

Open exercise
The attached file contains long term mean precipitation data measured in Baltic meteorological stations. X coordinate indicates WE direction, Y coordinate SN direction.
  1. Calculate correlation coefficients between three variables: X coordinate, Y coordinate and precipitation in July.
  2. Interpret the meaning of each correlation considering also statistical significance of each relationship.


Here you have to calculate Pearson linear correlation in three pairs of variables:
  • Precipiatation in July versus X coordinate;
  • Precipiatation in July versus Y coordinate;
  • X coordinate versus Y coordinate.

Multiple options exist to calculate correlation coeffitients. E.g the SDC. In Excel you can use functions CORREL or PEARSON. Instructions, how to calculate significance value for R can be found from web. Search e.g using "correlation significance excel".

The interpretation of correlations should be related to location of the stations. Admission that the correlation between given variables is positive and significant is not enough.

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