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Exercise 4029. Points 2, theme: Local Statistics Along a Line

Open exercise
  1. Present a drawing depicting terrain surface elevation and also minimum and maximum elevation within 10 km along a transect running from the northern end of Paljassaare peninsula to Misso settlement in the SE corner of Estonia.
  2. Mark location of 3 ... 5 settlements or nature objects at the graph.


  • First, you have to get the Cartesian coordinates of the transect end points. Application XGIS from Estonian Land Board could help.
  • Use search by name, zoom to the location, select panel Information and click on the location in the map. Notice, that the X coordinate in European coordinate systems is the south-north direction.
  • In the SDC you have to select which direction is first in the input.The SDC includes a page Statistics Along a Line.
  • The current version of the calculator is connected to previous version of the application for courses. In 2018, you can log in using account RASAtudeng : RASAtudeng. Lidar elevation data should be available for logged in students of this course. Logged in users of the calculator can also save a limited number of transects in the server, and recall these transects later. The same transect is used in another exercise.
  • In this exercise the Window interval could be 1000 m, it is sufficient detailness. The buffer forms by using 10 000 m wide block kernels. It means window extent 5000 m to left and right from the transect line. Extent 500 m forward and backward will yield in kernels located side by side along the transect.
  • The statistics to calculate are local value, minimum and maximum.
  • Use Copy or Save to get the numerical results, if you like to use design another software to design the graph.
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