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Exercise 4028. Points 3, theme: Local Statistics Along a Line

Open exercise
Calculate land cover diversity within 10 km along a transect running from the northern end of Paljassaare peninsula to Misso settlement in the SE corner of Estonia. Use different statistics and kernel size.
  1. Present a drawing depicting the most expressive result.
  2. Write the statistic and the kernel parameters to the figure caption.
  3. Add some place names to the graph and explain briefly the causes of some maxima and minima in the graph.


You can use the stored transect in the SDC if you stored the transect definition solving the previous exercise.
  • Try different moving windows (kernels). Use Copy or Save to save the numerical results.
  • You can design the graph from the stored results using Excel or any other software.
  • Essential in this exercise is to find suitable generalization level. If the moving kernel is too small, the large trends will damp into irrelevant graph vibrations.
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