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Exercise 3987. Points 2, theme: Local Statistics (numerical variable)

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The attached file contains coordinates of Estonian churches from the National Topographical Database. There are less than 100 permanent residents in the 5 km neighbourhood of some churches.
Name these churches or their location.
Data: Kirikud ja kalmistud.xlsx


An approximate estimate can be obtained using the Local statistics from the SDC.
  • Add a culumn containing ID numbers left to the attached data table as the SDC demants ID codes to be in the first column.
  • Select Data layer in server and Human population per km² as the data layer, 5000 as the external radius and sum as the statistic.
  • Have a look on demo data and copy the ID codes and coordinates of churches to the input cell.
  • Press Calculate.
  • Copy the results using the option Values only and paste the number of residents next to the coordinates. Order these three columns according to the number of residents.
  • You can get the names of churches or settlements using the L-Est XY coordinates in the Land Board Geoportal or by inserting the coordinates of the selected locations one by one to the input cell in the SDC, selecting Map as background and then pressing the button XY plot. If to input more than one location, the background map covers a larger area and the names may not be readable.
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