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Exercise 3984. Points 3, theme: Local Statistics (numerical variable)

Open exercise
  1. Compare mean altitude, the altitude standard deviation and spatial autocorrelation random samples consisting of 100 locations in Estonian areas of glacial accumulated mounds (mõhnastikud) and in drumlin areas (voorestikud) using different radii.
  2. Present the results as a table.
  3. Highlight the largest differences. Explain the differences.


How to generate random points to given areal categories is explained in theme Creating Point Patterns.
  • You can use Local statistics for calculating statistics around the genrated locations. Logged in users can use Lidar elevation data.
  • Try different radii but not larger than 5000 m to keep computation time reasonable. In addition, if the radius is more than 1000 m, a large proportion of pixels probably do not belong to the same terrain category as the given location.
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