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Exercise 3979. Points 3, theme: Local Statistics (categorical variable)

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Pixel values in file PK54443.rst represent basic areal categories according to Estonian topographical base map.
  1. Calculate the number of these categories within 100 m circular kernel to a figure.
  2. In what parts (at which landscape categories) of this map sheet is landscape more diverse?
  3. What is the smallest and largest number of basic areal categories within 100 m in this map sheet?


  • Copy files from the attached archive to your computer.
  • Open Local statistics in the SDC.
  • Select Upload rst file, nominal, grid over input layer.
  • Select Parameters: from rdc.
  • Leave theVoid value empty as the input file has full coverage. The Output grid interval (units as in coordinates) can be 100 as the file is not large.
  • The kernel internal radius =0 and external =100.
  • The statistic to calculate is number of categories.
  • The upload files should be selected from Browse button last before launching calculation.
Do not forget to add the calculated map to your answer.
The base map image.
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