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Exercise 3977. Points 1, theme: Point Pattern

Open exercise
Find the Lambert-Est XY coordinates of springs from the Estonian topographical database in the attached file.
What is the most frequent distance from a spring to the nearest other spring given the nearest neighbour distances are divided into 10 m distance intervals?
Data: Allikad.txt


This exercise can be solved using the NND function of the online calculator.
  • Open the NND function and copy data to the input cell.
  • Set distance interval to 10 (units are the same as for coordinates – meters in this case).
  • Select a reasonable number of distance zones. The number of zones is set to 40 in the attached figure.
  • Copy data from the attached file to the calculators input field. By the way, allikad is plural from the Estonian word allikas meaning spring or source (but never the spring season).
  • Press Calculate.
  • From the graph or from the table of results find the distance interval at which the number of NN distances is the largest. A distance interval is defined by the minimum and maximum distance.
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