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Exercise 3973. Points 4, theme: Correspondence of Categorical Surfaces

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  1. Cross tabulate base map areal categories and soil types in map sheet 54443, relative overlay of which combination is statistically significant at p <= 0.05. Binary raster files muld54443.rst and PK54443.rst are in the attached archive, codes are in the rdc files.
  2. Which five combinations have the highest co-occurrence relative to random placement?
  3. Which soils are significantly (p < 0.01) avoided by private yards (code 66)?
  4. Which land cover category is most probably overlied with eroded soils (code 4)?


  • Open the calculator.
  • Select Categorical Overlay.
  • 500 random iterations will do.
  • Find and select the raster files mentioned in the exercise. Mark 0 as void value for soil data, it means unmapped area or no soil.
  • Press Calculate.
  • Wait while the web server responds.
  • Save relative overlay and statistical significance result to Excel.
  • Study the formula and cell design in the worksheet nominaalpinnadin the file RASADEMO_2012.xls and present your results in analogoius way (Fig).
  • Notice the use of conditional formatting and IF() function.
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