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Exercise 3970. Points 1, theme: Interpolation

Open exercise
What is the expected salinity in location given by coordinates 6512659; 474663 if the measured salinity in locations with coordinates 6512029; 468463 and 6513290; 482650 is correspondingly 4.1 ‰ and 0.4 ‰. Let’s use inverse distance weighted interpolation.


Solution in the SDC.
Prepare data and settings as given in the figure.
Notice the following.
  • The first column of the target locations must contain names or ID numbers of locations.
  • Decimal separator can be either full stop (.) or comma (,).
  • The columns must be separated either by a tabulation, semicolon or by a space.
  • The first coordinate (X) in this exercise is directed to the north.
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