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Exercise 3964. Points 3, theme: Distribution and Suitabity Modelling

Open exercise
The demo data for similarity mapping in the SDC are pleasant and unpleasant locations in Estonia for a person (his/her habitat suitability).
  1. Form a list of coordinates indicating your pleasant places (1) and unpleasant places (0).
  2. Create your own suitability maps and select the most reliable among them. Present the map and the settings you used to create it (input data may be left out as private).


  • There are several options to create the list of coordinates. One is the XGis server of Estonian Land Board. There is a window for input and output of coordinates in the upper left corner. Open it, select the coordinate marker and mark a location on map. Copy L-Est coordinates and and paste these to the list.
  • L-Est coordinates can also be read using any GIS software. Maybe in future the coordinate transformations will also be available in the calculator.
  • You can present your habitat suitability map using any of above mentioned methods. If you do not have examples of unsuitable places present a map depicting similarity to suitable sites.
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