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Exercise 3961. Points 2, theme: Distribution and Suitabity Modelling

Open exercise
Finding the sure absent regions where an environmental factor is limiting the species occurrence should be among the initial tasks of species distribution modelling. Observation locations of Potentilla. fruticosa are in the attached archive.
  1. Create a map presenting sites of land use with at least 50 observation locations but no occurrence sites in map sheet 6372.
  2. Name these land use categories.


  • The module for frequency mapping outputs 9 categories.
    Set the necessary number of presences to 0 and the necessary number of absences to 50.
  • The category of enough absences and no presences should be dark grey in the output map.
  • You can save the output map by choosing Save from the pop-up menu or using PrntScr from the keyboard.
  • It would be nice to change the colours of output map in Photoshop. The calculator does not offer the colours to be selected by the user.

An image of the species in flowers and P. fruticosa in an alvar wooded meadow.
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