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Exercise 3950. Points 2, theme: Lines

Open exercise
The attached file contains automatically recorded track points from shrubby cinquefoil Potentilla fruticosa observation routes in summer 2014. The GPS receiver was switched off while a car was used to move from one observation site to another. Let us take 200 m between sequential track points as the critical distance to separate tracks crossed on-foot. If the distance between sequential track points is over 200 m, then this span was driven.
  1. How many meters was crossed on-foot?
  2. How many meters was driven?
Data: Väliretked_2014.txt


Have a look on the location of the given track points using XY plot of the line generalization page in the SDC or any other software.
  • The line generalization algorithm in the SDC can divide a route to separate tracks. For that, you have to input the Same line tolerance (which was 200, the units are the same as for the recorded coordinates). If the distance is larger than the given tolerance (200), the parts before and after the separating span are treated as separate tracks. The separating spans are not included when summing up the total length.
  • This task does not demand line generalization, so, the Generalization tolerance should be = 0.
  • Alternatively, you can select the N-th vertex algorithm and N = 1 (all vertices remain).
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