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Exercise 3946. Points 1, theme: Creating a Point Pattern

Open exercise
The attached file contains raster mask of the terrain types: 1) glacial accumulated mounds and 2) drumlins in Estonia. The given landscape type has pixel value 1, everything else is = 0.
Place 100 random points to both landscape types and present the result as a figure.


A tool for creating random point patterns is in the SDC. It enables to create random points to a masked area.
  • Unpack the atteched zip file.
  • Select Simple random in the SDC.
  • Set the number of points to 100.
  • Select Suitable area → from Idrisi rst file.
  • Leave the interval of pixel values for included area to 1.
  • Choose the rdc and rst files of a calculated landscape type.
  • Press Calculate.
  • Design the figure to contain Estonian boundary, remote sensing image or a background map. A simple chart can be copied from screen, use coordinates in the results table, if you prefer to design a more advanced figure.
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