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Exercise 3938. Points 3, theme: Local Statistics (categorical variable)

Open exercise
  1. Which terrain type is most frequent within 2 km around Veski Nature reserve (LEst XY: 6446074, 664132)?
  2. Which are the two following more frequent types?
  3. Which is the share of these terrain types [%]?


The L-Est coordinates of the site are given in the English version of the exercise. Estonian students have to find the protected area from map and then get the coordinates. If you like, you can search "Veski looduskaitseala" in a web browser. Google search displays it on a Google map. The XGIS application helps to get L-Est XY coordinates.
Distance from the equator in meters is always a 7 digit number in Estonia, the west-east direction of the Lambert-Est coordinate system has 6 digits. Which coordinate is called X and which Y depends on traditions -- in European catography X direction is north direction. In American cartography, in mathematics and in most GIS applications X axis is horizontal.
Copy the XY coordinates to the input window in the page for calculating Local statistics.
1. The first column must contain an ID number.
2. Column separator can be tabulation, space or semicolon but not comma.
3. The XGIS application gives south-north direction in the first place.

Select terrain type as the layer and mode, second mode and third mode as statistics to calculate.
The external radius should be 2000. Units are the same as in XY coordinates.
Thus you will get the codes of the three most frequent terrain type. The link to the file containing the meaning of codes is above the table of layers. The link changes when a different layer is selected. Insert the numerical codes one by one to the cell after statistic proportion of the given category, check the statistic and press Calculate to find the share of each category.
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