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Exercise 3780. Points 3, theme: Spatial Clustering

Open exercise
The demo objects in the Spatial Clusters module of the calculator of spatial data are springs recorded in the Estonian topographical database.
  1. Create spatial clusters from these data using search radius 5000, 10000 and 20000 m.
  2. Save cluster cartograms to a document as figures. Add figure legend(s).
  3. Describe, how much are the clusters dependent on search radius selected by the user and how much on the minimum number of objects in a cluster.
Data: Allikad.txt


  • Open Spatial clusters in the SDC.
  • Set search radius.
  • Press Demo data.
  • Press Calculate.
    The ID numbers of objects in each cluster will appear in the panel at right. Objects not belonging to any cluster according to selected parameters remain unclassified.
  • Find the spatial allocation of clusters in maps below the results.
  • You can save the image by pressing button Save above the cartogram or selecting Save Image As after clicking right mouse button on the image.
  • Calculate clusters using different radii and minimum number of objects in cluster.
  • Present the results as figures.
  • The results should illustrate how cluster analysis can justify different clusters of objects.
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