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Exercise 3760. Points 1, theme: Chi-squared Exercises

Open exercise
33 students of geography and 45 from environment regulation attended to this course in 2012.
Geograafidest lõpetas aine edukalt 93.9% out of geography students and 91.1% out of environment regulation students successfully graduated the course.
Can we be 95% sure that geography students are better in data processing than the students from curriculum for environment regulation?


Significance of the difference in frequency can be easily estimated using Chi squared test in the SDC where the source data can also be percentages.
The calculator transforms percentages to frequency values for the chi squared test.
Select the option Pertcentages and input the numbers as is given in the figure.
Find the significance value p from the results, which indicates the probability that in case of random selection of the same number of cases from the same population the difference in proportions will be the same or even larger.
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