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Exercise 3739. Points 1, theme: Chi-squared Exercises

Open exercise
The attached file contains data on nursery children. The field ussid indicates the child contamination with Enterobius vermicularis, the child mother¤s education level is in the field ema_haridus. Empty cells mean the question is not answered. These cases should be omitted.
  1. What is the statistical significance (p) value of the correspondence between these cariables?
Data: LAPSED.xls


Chi squared test in the SDCs. Check that each included case has both variables (contamination and education level) recorded because the SDC does not accept empty cells.
Kontrolli, et iga lapse puhul oleksid mõlema tunnuse väärtused (nakatatus ja ema haridus) olemas, sest toorandmete sisestamisel ei tohi tühje lahtreid olla.
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