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Exercise 3677. Points 3, theme: Non-parametric Correlation

Open exercise
The attached file contains participation results from this course in 2003-2012.
  1. How strong is the relationship between the mark from the one side, and 1) total participation, 2) participation in lectures and 3) participation in practical training from the other side?
  2. Which of these correlations is the strongest?
  3. What method and software did you use for measuring and comparing these correlations? Did you include students who got mark 0 (not present in examination)?
Data: GEO-AT_hinded-osalus_2003-2012.xls


These data contain blank missing data cells which you should exclude (filter out). Unfortunately the blank cells are not on same rows for alla variables. So the blanks should be filtered out separately for each variable pair.
In the SDC you should select Non-spatial correlation, but other packages for statistical analysis should work as well.
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