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Exercise 3674. Points 3, theme: U-test

Open exercise
  1. What is the statistical significance value between numerical exam results from years 2006 and 2004 according to Mann-Whitney U test and data in the attached file?
  2. During which year was the mean exam result higher?
  3. Is such difference enough for scientifical inference about the level of teaching or the abilities of students in these years?
  4. Add the software name you used as different software packages use different algorithms. U test orders the input data by values and equal values in ordered series can be treated differently.
Data: GEO-AT_hinded-osalus.xls


Three questions are asked:
1) significance value (p =),
2) which year has higher mean mark value,
3) is the significance value enough for making general conclusions?

If the software package you are using does not present mean value among the resuts of difference tests you should calculate the means for both groups separately.
You can use Difference tests.
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