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Exercise 3664. Points 1, theme: Similarity and Distance

Open exercise
The linked file contains long term mean precipitation data in Estonian meteorological stations. Is the monthly distribution of precipitation amount in Tartu more similar to the distribution in Tallinn or in Haanja?
Data: SADEMED.xls


The SDC contains function Similarity and distance.
  • Read about the input data format from the calculator and test it using example data.
  • Copy the rows for the stations Tartu, Tallinn and Haanja to an empty part in the Excel worksheet.
  • Remove the columns of coordinates, annual total and the extent of snow cover from the copied data block.
  • Keep station names in the first column.
  • Copy the data block to the SDC (Fig).
  • Press Calculate.
The results consist of combinations of initial stations and the similarity and distance (dissimilarity) values.
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