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Correspondence of Categorical Surfaces

There is a function called Categorical Overlay in the online calculator for estimating absolute and relative overlay and statistical significance of the relative overlay. The relative overlay is used here in reference to the extent of overlay expected in the case of random location of categories in the compared layers.
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  1. Cross tabulate base map areal categories and soil types in map sheet 54443, relative overlay of which combination is statistically significant at p <= 0.05. Binary raster files muld54443.rst and PK54443.rst are in the attached archive, codes are in the rdc files.
  2. Which five combinations have the highest co-occurrence relative to random placement?
  3. Which soils are significantly (p < 0.01) avoided by private yards (code 66)?
  4. Which land cover category is most probably overlied with eroded soils (code 4)?
3990 3 Pixel values in the file 5434PK.rst represent basic areal categories according to Estonian topographical base map.

File 5434muld.rst represents soil types in the same map sheet. The meaning of numerical codes can be found from corresponding rdc files.
  1. On which soil type lays the majority of forests (base map code 64)?
  2. Which soil type has the largest relative overlay with forests compared with the expected overlay extent in case of spatial randomness?
  3. Which soil types are preferred for forested land according to statistical significance values?
  4. Add the tables you used in answering the questions.