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Creating a Point Pattern

Random point patterns can be useful for planning field observation sites and for obtaining a represenative sample of locations.
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ID P Question or exercise
3981 2 Generate 100 random locations to the forests of map sheet 54443 (pixel values 64 and 67 in the attached file PK54443.rst) and present the result with map or ortophoto background. If the map covers a larger area then the sheet boundary should be visible. Open
3980 2
  1. Create point pattern of 1000 randomly located points which are clustered to 10 randomly placing clusters each with radius 20 km. All points must be in Estonian territory. Present the pattern as a figure with the figure legend.
  2. Is the composed pattern random? Does these points represent Estonian territory reliably enough?
3946 1 The attached file contains raster mask of the terrain types: 1) glacial accumulated mounds and 2) drumlins in Estonia. The given landscape type has pixel value 1, everything else is = 0.
Place 100 random points to both landscape types and present the result as a figure.