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Spatial Models

Internet sources Autocorrelation, Spatial Statistics, Geospatial Analysis.
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ID P Question or exercise
4002 1 What is the difference between correlogram, cross-correlogram and autocorrelogram? Open
4005 1 Why is pseudoreplication called pseudo? Open
4010 2
  1. Does positive autocorrelation increase probability of the type I or type II statistical error?
  2. Explain why.
4011 1 What is indicative neighbourhood and why it is usually not the closest surroundings and why it is not too far? Open
4012 1 What is the global Moran's I value if the variable is constant in all locations? Open
4013 1 How to justify division by two when calculating semivariance in geostatistics? Open
4015 1 What are the main disadvantages of distribution modelling by single species and by communities of species? Open
4049 2 Which deviations (difference between what?) are used to calculate Moran's I, Geary c and which for Pearson R? Open