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Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis

See the following sources:
Point pattern analysis
Exploratory spatial data analysis
Vel?zquez et al 2016.
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ID P Question or exercise
3951 1 Give an actual example where the pattern type depends on scale or on context. Open
3956 2 What is the merit of the mean nearest neighbour distance compared to the mean distance to the k-nearest neighbours when describing point patterns? Open
3958 1 What is Poisson forest? Open
3995 1 What is the advantage of random re-labelling of point objects compared to toroidal shift, when randomizing a point pattern? Open
3996 1 What is the difference between segmentation and rasterization of a data layer? Open
3997 1 Are the values of Ripley K(t) and L(t)-t statistics dependent on the measurement units? Open
4000 1 What is the theoretical range of values (the lowest and the highest possible values) for the L(t)-t statistic? Open