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Distribution and Suitabity Modelling

A good textbook: J. Franklini Mapping species distributions is available from the Tartu University Library.
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3959 2
  1. On which soils are at least 5 find sites of Potentilla fruticosa according to the data in the attached file?
  2. Which soil has the largest number of P. fruticosa finds?
  3. Which land cover categories according to the Estonian 1: 10 000 base map have at least 5 find sites?
3962 3
  1. Create a map presenting probability to find Potentilla fruticosa according to the combination of land use and soil types in map sheet 6372.
  2. Observed locations are in the attached file.
  3. How many observation locations are in this file?
  4. In which land use and soil type combination is the highest probability to find this species?
3964 3 The demo data for similarity mapping in the SDC are pleasant and unpleasant locations in Estonia for a person (his/her habitat suitability).
  1. Form a list of coordinates indicating your pleasant places (1) and unpleasant places (0).
  2. Create your own suitability maps and select the most reliable among them. Present the map and the settings you used to create it (input data may be left out as private).