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Variography and Kriging

Variography is literally study of (spatial) variation, usually depicted as a variogram, which depicts how variance is related to distance between observation sites. Kriging is an interpolation method which creates and uses variogram models. The weights of existing values are deduced from the variogram model.

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ID P Question or exercise
3963 1 Explain why kriging belongs to spatial autoregression and not to autocorrelation an not to spatial regression. Open
3936 3 The demo data for Autocorrelation and Variogram in the SDC are the mean precipitation data in May in the Baltic meteorological stations.
  1. From which distance can the stations be considered as spatially independent according to autocorrelogramm and according to variogram?
  2. Is the extent of spatial relationship different according to the autocorrelogram and variogram?
  3. What could be the reason of this difference?