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Spatial Clustering

A spatial cluster is part of study area where objects are relatively similar. A density-based cluster is a partition where the density of ojects is higher. Clusters usually do not have clear and unambiguously defined boudaries, therefore different algorithms result in different clusters.

You can find the descriptions of the clustering algorithms in Wikipedia: k-means, Quality threshold, DBSCAN.

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ID P Question or exercise
3780 3 The demo objects in the Spatial Clusters module of the calculator of spatial data are springs recorded in the Estonian topographical database.
  1. Create spatial clusters from these data using search radius 5000, 10000 and 20000 m.
  2. Save cluster cartograms to a document as figures. Add figure legend(s).
  3. Describe, how much are the clusters dependent on search radius selected by the user and how much on the minimum number of objects in a cluster.
3779 2 The attached file contains of mobile positioning results of a person.
  1. How many days staid this individual in one place (did not move more than 1 km during 24 hours)?
  2. Name these places.
4040 3 The attached file contains coordinates of farmsteads in Ridala parish from different maps (from the beginning of 20th century and from current topographical database). Code 1 marks presence and 0 absence. A village center is defined here by presence of at least 10 farmsteads within 500 m.
  1. How many farms have disappeared in comparison of these maps in this area?
  2. Which distance interval from the extinct farmsteads to a village center is most common?
  3. At which distance from the nearest village center is the number of extinct farmsteads the highest?

Use distance interval 1000 m. Coordinates are in meters.