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Interpolation means the calculation of unknown values between known values of the same variable. The same variable acts as an exploratory variable in the given locations and is in the role of a dependent variable between the given locations. Interpolation is possible in geographical space and in feature space regardless the number of dimensions.
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3440 1 What is the expected salinity in location given by coordinates 6512659; 474663 if the measured salinity in locations with coordinates 6512029; 468463 and 6513290; 482650 is correspondingly 4.1 ‰ and 0.4 ‰. Let’s use inverse distance weighted interpolation. Open
3408 1 How large is the interpolated annual precipitation amount at Tondisaar (Ghost
island) at location having  L-Est coordinates
620982 and 6453105 if to use inverse distance weighted interpolation with unlimited
extent and annual precipitation data from the attached file?
3406 2 Create an interpolated map using the nearest neighbour interpolation depicting annual the mean amount of precipitation in Estonia.
Which parts of Estonia get more precipitation (rain + snow)?