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4143 3 How to prove statistically at 95% confidence level that location pattern of rural living-houses in a study area is related to the distance from the nearest lake shore? Open
4144 3 Long term mean precipitation data are used in several exercises in this course. These serve also as example data in the SDC.
Describe a technological process for calculating possibly reliable total precipitation amount (in cubic meters) falling to the total area of Estonia using the same data.
4145 3 Solving exercise 3959 you found that Potentilla fruticosa is most often found from Gleisol. Unfortunately the observation tracks do not cover the study area equally. The recorded locations are not equally spaced along the observation track and the observer preferred to walk in regions where, according to existing experience, it was more likely to find the species.
How to prove with at least 95% confidence from these data that Potentilla fruticosa grows indeed more likely on Glisol than elsewhere in the study area?