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Chi-squared Exercises

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3717 2
40 random persons having voting right were questioned in Tartu, 30 of them intended to participate in elections. The same numbers in Tallinn were 70 and 40.
  1. How surely (in percentages) can we conclude that participation will be different in these cities?
  2. Is this certainty enough for a scientific inferrence?
3739 1 The attached file contains data on nursery children. The field ussid indicates the child contamination with Enterobius vermicularis, the child mother¤s education level is in the field ema_haridus. Empty cells mean the question is not answered. These cases should be omitted.
  1. What is the statistical significance (p) value of the correspondence between these cariables?
3760 1
33 students of geography and 45 from environment regulation attended to this course in 2012.
Geograafidest lõpetas aine edukalt 93.9% out of geography students and 91.1% out of environment regulation students successfully graduated the course.
Can we be 95% sure that geography students are better in data processing than the students from curriculum for environment regulation?
3715 3 The response of 1090 great tits (Parus major) to a stuffed (Accipiter nisus) near their nest were observed. 320 out of 450 male tits responded agressivly, from female tits 420 exhibit aggressive behaviour.
  1. How significant (numerically) is this difference for conclusion that male and female tits in general reveal different agressiveness to a stuffed (Accipiter nisus) .
  2. Is this evidence enough for science ?
  3. How to obtain more reliable observation results?