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Cluster Analysis

The tool Non-spatial clusters in the Spatial Data Calculator (SDC) provides necessary tools for these exercises. Alternatively, Statsoft Statistica installed to the computers in the room 202 can be used for such excercises. A cluster tree can be pruned at different levels. The number of clusters and the clusters depend on the pruning level.
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4041 1 Which 3 tree species set up common stands (grow most often together in the same wood) according to cluster analysis using Euclidean distance and Single linkage?
The coverage points ranging from 0 to 10 are in columns from Kuusk to muu_puuliik in the attached file. The tree names in Latin are in the worksheet Puud.
4042 2 The attached file contains long term mean precipitation values in Estonian meteorological stations. Which meteorological station in Estonia is most distant from others, and which is the most different one according to the monthly mean precipitation amounts? Open